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$2.6 Million Settlement Achieved in Disputed Liability Car Accident Case

We are pleased to announce that Phillips & Associates has successfully secured a $2.6 million settlement for a deserving client who suffered life-changing injuries in a disputed liability car accident. The case presented numerous challenges, but our firm worked tirelessly to overcome all obstacles and achieve this excellent outcome for our client. Here are some key steps we took to leverage this outstanding result: 1. Filing a Special Motion for Trial Preference: We filed a motion for trial preference pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedure section 36. This allowed us to have the case brought to trial in an accelerated fashion, thereby putting immediate pressure on the defendants to settle. 2. Seeking Punitive Damages: Although punitive damages are very uncommon in auto accident cases, certain facts warranted them in this particular case. We defeated the defendant's special motion to dismiss punitive damages from our complaint, preserving the potential of a seven-figure punitive damages award. 3. Retaining an Expert Accident Reconstructionist: We retained an accident reconstructionist to analyze subpoenaed bodycam footage and photographs from the scene. Based on these materials, our expert was able to form a favorable opinion as to liability. 4. Locating and Examining a Critical Eyewitness Bystander: Our firm’s thorough investigation led us to identify and subsequently subpoena a critical eyewitness bystander months after the accident whose testimony ultimately corroborated our client's version of how the accident occurred. We were able to achieve this remarkable $2.6 million settlement just six weeks before trial. 👍 Our client can now focus on healing and rebuilding their life, knowing that justice has been served.

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