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The Five Most Dangerous Intersections in San Diego

San Diego, renowned for its beautiful beaches, amazing weather, and vibrant neighborhoods, is a bustling city with a growing population. As more people call San Diego home, traffic increases, and unfortunately, so do the car accidents. With pedestrian and vehicular safety as a primary concern, our law firm has analyzed traffic data and statistics to identify the five most dangerous intersections in San Diego.

University Avenue and 4th Avenue (Hillcrest)

The intersection of University Avenue and 4th Avenue in Hillcrest ranks as the most dangerous in San Diego. Over the past three years, it has seen a total of 65 collisions, resulting in 40 injuries and three fatalities. The high volume of pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles on this busy street, combined with inadequate crosswalks and traffic signals, contributes to the heightened risk at this intersection.

Mira Mesa Boulevard and Black Mountain Road (Mira Mesa)

The intersection of Mira Mesa Boulevard and Black Mountain Road comes in at a close second with 58 collisions, 35 injuries, and two fatalities over the same three-year period. This high-traffic area is frequented by students from nearby schools, no doubt contributing to its danger. The intersection's complex layout, which includes multiple turn lanes and shopping centers on each corner, also adds to the confusion for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Balboa Avenue and Genesee Avenue (Clairemont)

Balboa Avenue and Genesee Avenue have recorded 54 collisions, resulting in 45 injuries and one fatality in the past three years. The intersection's proximity to the busy 163 freeway on-ramp, combined with a lack of proper traffic signal synchronization, makes for a perilous situation. Efforts to improve traffic flow by adding additional lanes have only exacerbated the problem.

Market Street and Euclid Avenue (Lincoln Park)

With 50 collisions, 30 injuries, and one fatality over the past three years, Market Street and Euclid Avenue claim the fourth spot on this list. Poor visibility at this intersection, along with high pedestrian traffic from nearby bus stops, schools, and businesses, contribute to the danger. Additionally, drivers frequently make illegal turns or speed through the area, increasing the risk for all road users.

Fairmount Avenue and El Cajon Boulevard (City Heights)

Rounding out the top five, Fairmount Avenue and El Cajon Boulevard have witnessed 47 collisions, 25 injuries, and two fatalities in the past three years. This intersection sees heavy traffic from commercial vehicles, buses, and commuters accessing the 15 freeway. The complex layout of the intersection, with its multiple turn lanes and traffic islands, can be challenging for both drivers and pedestrians to navigate.


City officials and traffic engineers must work together to address the specific issues at each of the above intersections, whether that means improving visibility, updating traffic signals, or enhancing pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure. When driving through any of the above intersections, be sure to utilize extraordinary care and vigilance.

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